Do you guys also recommend any good pickups? My budget is around 100-150. Cheaper would be nice
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What amp do you have?

I have a Line 6 75 watt, but plan on upgrading sometime in the year. I mainly use my rp250 for recording
I'd buy that for that price. If you don't like it, you could come out on top when you sell it.
With that amp you will not notice a big difference in sound with new pickups, get a good amp first and then think about better pickups.
Buy it, I would suggest Emg 707's for pickups.
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Buy it, I love my 7421. As for pickups, I really dont like the stock, I would recommend:

Dimarzio: Crunchlab/Liquifire
SD: Nazgul/Sentient
BKP: Warpig's, Aftermath B/Painkiller N
Buy it. Replacing the corroded parts will probably be pretty easy, and the rest will clean up with a gentle household cleaner.