this is a very solid well produced track. love the guitar solo as well. bjorn sounds cooler than he did on whatever the last soilwork album i heard was. so I need to give his work a more detailed listen. the song writing was cool very groovey but still heavy and the production was great. i am listening on computer speakers at work so it could be that but it seems the solo was mixed a little high?
if you could check mine out
Great song you got here, whilst not particularly original imo it has very catchy riffs and an interesting structure, not really anything I'd recommend changing. The mix overall is a very good, everything stands out as it should and everything ahs it's own space. Personally I'd disagree with the above comment about the guitar solo, sounds about right to me although maybe a little treble-heavy compared to the rest of the mix. I'd also maybe add a little reverb to the vocals, although that's more just personal preference.

C4C Please - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1633497

Also wondered how you managed to hook up with Bjorn just out of interest?
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@octavio.perez.7 - thanks, the guitarist only cam up with thesolo in a few minutes as I wasnt originally going to have one but I think it fits in well

@sidereal9 - I knew the vocals would come out well as hes a great singer so I was just hoping my songwriting skills would accompany the vox well

@Innercelph - yeah I try and keep it simple and catchy! - I saw an article on the metal news website BRAVEWORDS that Bjorn now does guest/session vocals so I got in touch with him from there!
Sounds straight of the radio man, I hope you like that! Ha ha.. seriously, it sounds very professional. I know this is probably blasphemy but I'm not a fan of Bjorn, but I certainly respect his skills and talent.

I agree, the solo works well, in my humbled opinion. I would be quite proud of this piece if I were you, for sure.

C4C? I'm almost scared to mention it..this one is not very metal at all... Bound and Loved
Im with the others, I really enjoyed this track, and i wish the solo was longer. Sounds like the soloist has super chops haha Super awesome stuff man!! How in the world did u get bjorn strid to do a song with u?!?!?!?! So jealous haha
Also, sorry bout the late crit back.