Ok so I have changed my mind from the invader to one of two legacy models: the HB or the Deluxe. What are the main differences in tone and feel in these two models, and what different features are there. The G&L website wasn't very helpfull so I have come to you guys again. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Hey, saw your post in the G&L thread, but I'll put it here for more visibility.

The difference is really just in the body. The HB is a standard style body that's routed HSH where the pickups are attached to to the pickguard. The Deluxe has no pickguard for a different look, where the pickups are attached to the body. They have the same hardware, electronics, and both have the #1 C shape neck profile.

It's pretty much whichever look you think you want. The Deluxe with a maple fretboard would be sexy.


Actually, I just remembered one difference. The Deluxe is always Swamp Ash with a Flame Maple top. The HB is Alder with a standard finish, and Swamp Ash with Flame Maple on Premium finishes.
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the #1 C neck is standard on the Legacy but it can be had with any of the 10 available neck sizes that G&L offers ......
Thanks JustRooster, you are the man. does the pickups attached to the body make any difference in the way the wood resonates?
Technically, yes. However, I'd be incredibly impressed if anyone could hear the difference.