I have a friend who wants to do a straight up swap of his hughes and kettner warp 7 halfstack with a crappy laney 4x12 cab, for a brand new (unwanted christmas present) samsung 40" LED tv I bought.
I don't need the tv as I already have one, but I also don't want to get rinsed,
Is this a fair deal?

I have tried the amp and I like the tone and the sustain it brings, which I can't even get near to on my orange valve amp,
But would it be decent enough for professional recordings etc?

Thanks guys.
To what I remember, Warp 7s aren't worth that much. They're decent sounding amps. I remember a few years back a local store I taught at had a 1x12 combo for about $300-350. There's a head on Fleabay now and they want 800 for it. Definitely way overpriced.

Of course a TV not being used isn't worth much to you either. If you like the amp, I say go for it.
There are a couple warp7 heads on the guitar center used sight for $100 and $150. The cab I'm assuming is a cheap linebacker cab so maybe $250. Did you spend more than $350 on the TV? If so, bad trade.
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