Epiphone Les Paul Custom reissue


Fender Supersonic 60w Head and 4x12 cab

When I have the switch to RHYTHM only, I hear a loud high pitched noise. If I turn the volume knob on the guitar all the way down, it's gone. If I turn the tone knob all the way down it's gone, even with the volume up.

The noise is not there on treble pickup, or when both pickups are selected.

The noise stays the same volume, even when I crank my amp.

The noise is there on dirt and clean channel of amp.

The frequency of the noise variates as I adjust the pick up control knobs.

Any ideas? Nothing looked wrong right away with switch wiring or wiring in pickup area....
Are the pickups passive? (ie, there's no battery in the guitar, right?).

And if your amp is turned down to very low volume, you still hear it? (that is, it's not any type of feedback).
sometimes a pickup becomes microphonic.

look it up on youtube for a demo of what that sounds like. see if that's it.

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