Valentine's date came a day late, but I didn't get mad because she is too beautiful.

Now I'm just waiting for "ernie ball not even slinky" to come

then I can set up this baby.
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sexy as shit guitar

i love the binding on the upper ltd models.

hngd man. hope it plays well
ayy lmao
Nice, probably sounds huge.

If you wanna try a different type of string, i got recommended these GHS Eric Johnson nickle rockers. They add a ton of brightness and attack depending on what your looking for. I use em on my soloist which is kinnnnnda similar and they sound great.
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My first guitar was a H-200, and I still love it. Great neck, and while it is not nearly as pretty as yours, it's still a beaut. Almost the same color too, mine is just a little more red toned. Enjoy!!

apparently UG's only type O-

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Thanks jb_designs.
I think I just filled the cup.
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The other guitar player in my previous band had one just like yours. Pretty nice guitar. I wasn't too fond of the EMGs, though. HNGD!
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