After working on it for a couple of years, we've got a working version of an invention that adjusts the tone of a guitar. We're not quite ready to share the details of the product yet, but this is something that changes the true tone of the guitar -- it's not a simple tone pot adjustment, and it's not a pedal or other attachment.

If you're interested, check out the sound clip below and let us know what you think!

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I promise it's not spam! I tried uploading to YouTube, but they wouldn't take it because there's no video to it. It's just a sound clip of us adjusting the tone over the course of about 50 seconds. If anyone knows how to make the sound clip available a better way, please let me know.
Aside from the obvious subliminal messages, which I definitely have not fallen for, it sounds pretty cool, almost like a Whammy crossed with an Ebow or something.

What is it? And where should I deposit the £1,000,000?

I mean... What?
It's not either one of those. Ok, I'll give a little more detail... It's a pickup.

You can deposit the money in to my Nigerian bank account. In all seriousness, it'll be on Kickstarter soon.