Howdy, so I've been singing for two years now, professionally that is. But something that I always wanted to do is sing with a rasp, and I don't mean screeching or growling, I mean the type of rasp like James Hetfield, I've looked up a ton of videos on it, but with very little results...The closest I've got to singing with a rasp was lowering the 'growls' of Death Metal growling, but to be honest, that doesn't sound too good.
Thanks in advance!
In my opinion, the only guys who sing good with that kind of rasp are the people who naturally have it.
Thats the fun thing about opinions. Everybodies got one.

On topic, everyone can learn rasp. How it sounds is subjective certainly. You need to have good control of cord closure first. If you've never had lessons, get them first. Sustainable rasp is a high level technique so a proper foundation is an absolute must.

Edit: You are going to need good support. You will not use alot of air. To create the vocal, you will need to inhale down through your diaphragm and fill some of your chest area too. When you go to use the rasp, you will control your breath mostly from your costal (chest) muscles but keep the diaphragm out. Think of it as your gas tank and your chest as the accelerator.

You will get the tonality of the rasp by making a muffler sound and going, "heeeyyyy." As long as it doesn't hurt and you have a basic rasp (no matter how crappy), you are probably on to the right idea. After that it's just experimenting with amount of distortion and resonance to get a pleasing sound.

Note: It takes next to no rasp for the listener to pick up, so make sure you don't add too much. Too much rasp comes across constipated. It'ls like making a really good soup. A lot of body (support), with a good amount of resonance harmonics (chest and head) and just a pinch of spice (rasp) make for a delicious meal. But when something is out of balance it can be disastrous for both tone and performance.

Good luck. If you wish I can work up a tutorial for you. For now, take a listen to the tutorials on my sound cloud:


It should help you get the basic idea of rasp. Even the false cord ones should be helpful.

EDIT 2: If you are singing professionally you should have recordings. Can you share some so we can judge where you are at?

Final edit: This stuff takes loads of time to get ahold of and get stable. Like years. So be prepared for a long frustrated road. Of course some folks get it instantly, and having a great teacher helps, but most people have a hard time with this skill (especially those who are naturally quiet).
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