As a college student, I'm of course stuck in a dorm with a roomate and many neighbors.

I can play guitar as much as I want as here I have a volume knob as well as a headphone jack if needed (even if the amp I have here is shit), but I also sing and do metal harsh vox, which require practice just like playing guitar does. Those I have no control over volume.

It's easy to say "oh just sing quiter" but singing quietly or at speech level doesn't allow for actual practice, and with false-chord screaming and headvoice you have no quiet option whatsoever.

Normally I sing while I drive back and forth from home and here, but not even that is enough practice for me. And going out for drives for the sole purpose of singing practice burns gas and I risk losing a close available parking space.

I've heard there are practice rooms in the arts hall but I am unsure if they are free for every student to use on a regular basis.

And another thing I've tried doing is going to empty classrooms late at night when there are no classes but there are always others in the hall doing all-nighter studying that would complain and tell me to go elsewhere.

Any other suggestions?
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I've heard there are practice rooms in the arts hall but I am unsure if they are free for every student to use on a regular basis.

Find out.
Just get in your car and practice without driving. You don't loose a parking space nor use gas.
http://www.voxamps.com/jamvox/ <-- One thing I'd recommend for guitar

Other than that? The car idea is legit, and if you're serious about it, that's your easiest bet. I go to Belmont University which has a pretty decently known school for music and I couldn't count how many friends of mine who are vocal majors do this when they can't get a practice room.
You should be able to use the practice rooms. I can't state this as fact, but I work security at a university, and I'd let you in as long as you could prove you belonged (could show me a university ID). I do entry assist to the practice rooms here at least 6 times a weeks.

apparently UG's only type O-

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Give me the university's phone number. I call them and ask about the practice rooms for you. I'll also check out your local area for practice rooms outside the university.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Unless your school is a POS, you should have practice rooms within your music building that area accessible to all students. I went to the business school and was able to go within the music building rooms whenever I wanted.