Looking for advice. Recently received an Agile 3010 Baritone guitar as a gift. The guitar came set up for 10-56 gauge strings. I'm looking to use a true Baritone set of strings like ernie ball baritone I think they're 13-72 or something like that. I called my local guitar shop to ask if they can cut the nut to accomodate the larger gauge strings and do a setup on it. They said yes, $50 + strings. Seems kinda cheap.

question is, the guitar has a tune o matic bridge, am I wrong to assume the saddles need to be cut as well? Kinda nervous about taking it there, dont know if the guitar tech is any good. I just want to make sure he does the right job, so I want to know what questions to ask.

Was going to get files and do it myself, but the files are ridiculously expensive for one time use and some of the angles/ depths, technicalities of the job kinda scared me off the idea.

Thanks any help is greatly appreciated.
Filling a nut is a 5-15 minute job so i wouldn't expect it to cost anymore than that.

As far as the tune o matic bridge is concerned, just try it first. The lower strings will probably have a greater tendency to slip off (my E fell off all the time going from 52 to 56 but a quick go with a metal file cleared it up). If it doesnt hold well enough it's not a massively precise job to do compared to the nut so just get a file and have a go.
Thanks, want sure how precise the saddle part was, guess I'll make sure they do it anyway..Even went so far as to see if there were any luthiers nearby, good luck with that. Nearest one is NYC. Hopefully the guy knows what he's doing. It is a big shop. Been around forever probably worrying about nothing.

Hate taking my guitars anywhere, usually do my own setups bit was afraid to do the nut without the right tools, never did that, so I figured have him setup while he had it.
Is it difficult to do without nut files? Maybe some real narrow files? I mean I'm not making a brand new one. Basically there's a template with the existing one that needs to be widened and deepened.
you could always leave it alone and find out if your nut works first.

going from 9-42, i had no problem slapping on 13-56 on a guitar

A little action adjustment and truss rod turn, but nothing you can't do at home.
ayy lmao
Thanks for the thought. I actually did try putting different gauge strings on there. I put 12-60's and the low E above them all is just barely sitting in the nut. I mean, most of the string is above the nut.
Sounds alright with chords after I adjusted the truss and stuff except palm muting the low E is just not right. Have to be extremely conscious to mute with my right hand as well as my left or I get a slight over ring, not tight at all with any fast palm muting. Real annoying.

Figure it'll only be worse if I put anything larger, or if it works at all. Thats what made me begin to think I need to get the nut done.
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