and I'm diggin it. Thought it would be horrid because of all the internet reviews I read over the years but it sounds quite good for clean/crunchy stuff and hair metal 80s tunes. Tried it through the 412 with Vintage 30s and it sounds good. The 212 with G12H Anniversarys sounds good too but I can tell the mids need to be bumped a bit if played in a band with those speakers. Seems to love V30s. It's a bit darker than a DSL but not that much. I can take a guess most of the bad reviews probably came from people using the standard G12T75s. IMO Dark amp + dark speakers + particle board Marshall cabs don't mix well.

My dad gave it to me so its likely I'll never get rid of it. It didn't come with a footswitch so I might get the SwitchDoctor to make me one. Been playing the JVM all week which ahem does sound brighter/open but the TSL holds its own just fine.

Big Thumbs up for this bastard child Marshall amp everyone seems to hate

Anyone know of a foot switch guy other than SwitchDoctor? I know he makes quality stuff but for $100+ he charges I'm trying to shop around.
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Happy Birthday and HNAD!
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What plug does it have for the foot-switch? I think I remember those having 3 switches. Is it your standard 1/4 plug or 7pin?
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What plug does it have for the foot-switch? I think I remember those having 3 switches. Is it your standard 1/4 plug or 7pin?

ty all! I love getting gear as presents. Beats a sweater anytime.

I think (from looking at the back earlier) its a 6 pin. The regular footswitch had 5 switches on it and was notoriously crappy. I'm guessing the footswitch broke at some point and the owner let the amp sit. The amp is still in very good shape. When my camera is all charged up tomorrow I'll take a few pictures of it.

pic seems to be a 7 pin. so i'll leave that to the experts who are "in the know"
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Hey man I've got a brand new footswitch I'd let you have for $80..... I had a TSL 602 footswitch died ordered a new one and a week later the whole up took a dump!!! It like brand new!!

Playing on some new gear....review to follow

yeah My buddy bought a TSL100 in 2001ish and I always thought it was a nice amp. He ran it through a 1960classic w/G12M25's

If you order from Switchdoctor get it off the Ebay site not his website. He can take a very long time to ship, but ebay keeps him faster on shipping. I also suggest Voodooman switches
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HNAD man!!!

I have yet to play a TSL, good to hear you are having a good experience with yours. I've, personally, always been skeptical due to what I've heard. Congrats, gear as gifts is always the way to go.
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Yeah the TSLs are actually much better than the things you read on forums would have you believe. I used to have a DSL and for me that was majorly held back because the two channels sounded best with two totally different EQ settings and of coure those amps have one EQ shared between the channels. Plus the lead 1 channel could get pretty thin. Whenever I've used a TSL it's taken me a little longer to dial in a tone I like but once I get there it does sound better, to me. I think not being as bright helps.

Though I've only used them with the T75s and I thought it made a great combination, so what do I know?