Hey all,

I have been playing guitar for about 6,5 years. I feel like it's time to get a bass.

I want to do all the bass parts of the songs I know on guitar (Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Extreme, Van Halen). I like the style of bass a lot in the old school kiss and all led zeppelin a lot.

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bSIqzPxvMw

I also want to pick up slap later on if I am good enough.

So what bass guitar is suitable to do this at a low price (not really feel like paying a lot for a bass so maybe second hand is an option too) And what's also important is what kind of amplifier I need. Maybe a rolland bass cube will do fine?
I have a Peavey Milestone III bass that I picked up a few years ago for £50. Sounds & plays great, even 'proper' bassists have told me it's almost as good as their more expensive basses.
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Quote by Boreesimo
What's your budget and where are you?

I'm in the Netherlands and my budget would be like €350 with an amplifier. I am aware that this might be like way to cheap for the set of a bass and an amp so I'm willing to buy second hand basses and amplifiers.
A squier vintage modified 70s jazz bass would suit everything you want, they are nice basses as well as being low in price. As for amps gear4music's own brand 'RedSub' have a nice selection for quite cheap, I've relentlessly gigged my 80watt one over the past year and a half, and they sound pretty fine... There are definitely better ones but not in the same price point.