I am considering buying a Fender 65 Super Reverb or Twin Reverb and my style is the same as Gregor Holden (gregsguitars). I am wondering whether or not a basic style drive pedal would suit for any other styles I play, ie crunchy British styles.

Anyone have any input?
It depends on the specific pedal, but yes. IMHO you can get in that ballpark even with a simple Tubescreamer-type pedal.

However, if that still doesn't satisfy you, there are Marshall-in-a-box pedals that give you a more British flavour -- and those Fender amps you're talking about take pedals really well, so that shouldn't be an issue. Go for it, man.
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personally I'd look at my amp choice again. maybe a more versatile amp would be a better option than a pedal. a 2 channel amp with good cleans and a nice overdrive section may be better for you.
Mesa Royal Atlantic. Superb american style cleans with amazing british flavored gain.

If a pedal is really what you want get a Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret.

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I love the tone I can get running my Fulldrive 2 into my old Fender. The OCD is another good option from Fulltone, but I don't have any personal experience with it. It seems to be more in the "distortion" realm of things while the Fulldrive is more of an overdrive, but turning up the gain knob on the Fulldrive gives you some great, natural sounding OD just from the pedal (especially when you run it at 18v).
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