Hey guys! This year I'll be releasing my first solo album entitled "The Judge."

It'll basically be a guitar circle jerk but it's my first virtuoso album and it will feature a few somewhat notable names in the modern metal / prog world.

This is my debut track, hope you guys enjoy!


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Many thanks!
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This guy definitely shouldn't've called himself "a virtuoso", but I must say he's not bad at all. However, I don't like the mix much, is there even a bass guitar?
Well I referred to the style as virtuoso because the album will feature metal, jazz, blues, some country, and various modal changes. There will be weird time signatures and the songs will be progressive in nature. This is just track one, something rockin' and fast to start it off.
Opinions are subjective, so even if I was referring to myself as a freak master by calling it a virtuoso album, which I wasn't, who's to say I don't think all guitarists are virtuosos? You just made a negative assumption based on little evidence and ran with it.

I would've held off and waited for a more interesting song if I'd have known you were all so critical, but I appreciate the feedback anyway

There is a bass but I can only play it like a guitar, so since the focus is on the leads I just mixed it in in a way that adds bottom end to the rhythm without clashing with anything.

A few parts are out of time, but if the solo felt really good I left it in regardless. As for the tuning, I confess my intonation is a little out right now

I'll post again when I've completed a more interesting song, and instead of calling it a virtuoso album to save time I'll be sure to call it a "multiple style, genre, scale, mode, and key album where I play to the best of my ability and aspire to be a virtuoso, which I know I'm not yet, at least compared to Holdsworth and Govan and all the greats" album to avoid confusion haha :P