Hello everybody. I'm planning to buy this wonderful processor. I know the HD500 is out of production and has been replaced by the HD500X.

Is there a lot of difference between these two units? And is it worth to buy the newer model if the HD500 is available for cheaper?

I'm asking because there's a dude selling an used HD500 , but he's asking around 400 dollars for it but i guess the price can be negotiated since the unit is both used and out of production so i think should be able to negotiate a lower price.
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$400 is too much for the regular hd500. You can get the 500x for that much on eBay, brand new, sometimes they include a case and some cables too.

The 500 x is great. The led rings are clear and easy to see, and don't flare into your eyes like the hd500 ones. The switches are a bit better, and the screen is clearer. The extra memory is pretty cool but it really depends on what type of patches you are using.
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It's not memory that's the problem, but processing that's the problem. The DSP is a bit stronger on the new one. If it has so many effects and stuff running at once and the DSP can't process all of that fast enough, then you get a DSP error.

I don't think it's worth upgrading unless your really "anal" about it. If you have neither, then sure, get the 500X. I personally want to invest in an old POD HD 500, but it's mostly for personal reasons of not being able to use the old Variax Workbench with the 500X.
I've looked into this myself, and the general consensus seems to be that if you don't have a 500, get the 500X. If you do have a 500 already, don't bother.

The DSP increase really isn't that much, you can't add that much more to your chain than you can put in with the 500.
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