Hey guys -
I'm all over the place in my GAS.

Always like to see the boards feedback. Ultimately yes, I will play it and make sure it's right for me, but wanted to get your thoughts.

I'm pretty sure I'm a strat guy, but I like adding to my collection as well.

Play a variety of blues, classic rock, 80's metal. 80's metal is what I love.

Like funky guitars for my collection -

So far, I have
MIM Strat, replaced bridge with hot rail
MIM Deluxe Tele
Road Worn Strat
Faded SG
Agile LP Copy
PRS SE Custom (daughters)

Bugera V22
Fender Vibro Champ
But mostly play through some monitors on my MAC (easier to learn tab and have family so i can adjust the sound pretty well or use headphones)


I got about 2500 in my budget (less is always better).
Like the looks of the Kramer Vintage Pacer (tiger), but I dont want to waste money on just astetics.

Looking at nicer godin's (just moved to Canada), Silverburst HSS Strat, used LP custom black with ebony fretboard, Joe S ibanez, or JP6 Music Man, Schecter Custom USA (just realized they had a USA line), Carvins or Vigier (although they may be out of my price point)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated -

Thanks for the read

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I'm personally a fan of Carvins (seven and counting) and the semi-custom special order Agile neck-through AL-3200 style LP guitars.

I've got my eye on a used LP Supreme that's gorgeous front and back, will need some fretwork, has an ebony fretboard and real MOP inlays and that's insanely light for a full-thickness LP (it's mostly hollow).

I'm generally not a fan of bolt-neck guitars, but in early November I coughed up the money for a Variax JTV-89F (floyd). I was really crossing my fingers on this one; the most popular JTVs have been the 59, which looks like an LP (same scale) and which has a nice smooth neck heel, and the 69, which is Strat-esque. The 59 was, at first, my first choice, but what I didn't care for was the rosewood fretboard and the control layout (a three-way instead of the usual five-way Variax). I'd gotten very used to larger frets and 24 frets and flatter radii. And I decided I wanted a Floyd (not available on the 59).

I approached the 89F reluctantly, but since it had a 16" radius, jumbo frets, a Floyd and a better control layout (as well as the five-way), I ordered up. The rosewood board on this one is NEARLY as smooth as an ebony f/b, the clunky bolt neck heel is very smoothed off, and the 25.5" scale is comfortable in the upper reaches. Score. It's easily the most overlooked of the Variax models, but it may very well be the best of the bunch.
in addition to a guitar i'd maybe get an amp that's more aimed at 80s metal as well. some good deals on jet cities at the moment i think.
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Look at those Godins again- good quality and playability. If you're lucky, you can find one of the discontinued Velocity Superstrats at a good price (@$850 new, half that used).

I also like their hollowbodies, the Freeway, the xtSA, and a few others. If you want something exotic, consider their 11-string instruments based on the Arabic oud. Perfect for DADGAD.

In that price range, with your stated genres and developing taste for "funky", I'd also take a look at guitars from Carvin, G&L USA, US Masters, Fernandes (especially Japanese models), Fret-King Blue or Green label, and Reverend.

You can also get full custom guitars at that price from American luthieries like Jon Kammerer, Rock Beach or Rice (to name just a few).
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Thanks, i've been eyeballing carvin's for a while. Need to take the leap, but i still keep pulling toward the custom LP.

I do want a new amp, but we just moved into a duplex and I think I'm going to stick on the mac for a while; serves it's purpose.
I use a Godin Radiator myself. It's very interesting, two low noise single coils, no pickup selector, you adjust both volume knobs and tone knob for your sound. Can get a lot out of it if that't what your into. I personally love being able to play around with it and I know where I "need to be" for live shows.

I'm really interested in their Sessions Custom, looks like a SH tele, but with some tweaks and added features
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I don't think the Vigier Surfreter is available at $2500. Not new, anyway. (And good luck finding a used one!)
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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