How to make skunks shit with a powerslide while smoking and playing guitar?

As the title says. Is it possible? Should I light my cigarette first or start with the slide?
Eat your pheasant
Drink your wine
Your days are numbered, bourgeois swine!
step 1-obtain a skunk
step 2- obtain cigarettes
step 3- obtain a slide with magic powers
step 4- combine the three objects
step 5- proceed to wipe pussy off constantly
ayy lmao
OMG. A shitty thread compilation. Lol

Edit- I think Philippepper may have created some new profiles to make this thread possible. Lel
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This has only been attempted by two people and they both died. So did one of the skunks.
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you've already failed
You're going to need that shrink ray from Honey I Shrunk The Kids first.

1. A wild skunk appeared!
2. Honey, I shrunk myself.
3. Present the skunk with a courtship gift.
4. When it exposes itself, hit that powerslide into its anus without hesitation.
5. Once you have cleared the anus, light that cigarette.
6. With any luck, the cigarette smoke trapped inside the skunk's intestinal tract should cause it to have explosive diarrhea, completing the objective.
7. Take a shower.

Good luck! If you need any other help PM Lemmiwinks, he has a lot of experience with anal spelunking.