Hey, these are some of my favorite bassists, I was just wondering what other bassists think about them, which one do you prefer?
I don't think they can be really compared since as musicians and bass players, they are really different. I am not a fan of Macca, but its more of a personality thing. He was the right bass player for the Beatles though.

I'm a huge fan of JPJ and Entwistle and I really think they, along with Jack Bruce, pushed rock bass playing to the next level. All of them held their own in the rhythm section with drummers who were forces onto themselves and added a complexity to the world of rock bass that really hadn't been there before.
I think the real question here is McCartney v Entwistle v Jones v Michael Jordan v Mothra?
They come from two different worlds. McCartney was a melodic player; bass was not his first (or his main) instrument. Entwistle saw himself as a "bass guitar" player, and went for a heavy guitar-like tone with his bass. He took the electric bass in new directions, whereas McCartney never failed to serve the song. They have both earned a rightful place in the Bass Hall of Fame.

Mothra would kick Jordan's ass with one wing tied behind its back.

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Damn. Forgot about Mothra.

Given the choices, JPJ. His playing inspired me when I was in high school.
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Aren't Versus threads forbidden here by rules?

I think it falls mainly in the "don't be a dick" set of rules; a pick vs. fingers thread would be locked due to sheer irritation, or a Burton vs Newstead thread because Newstead obviously wins. Duh.

Macca: Brilliant overall musician rather than bassist. Simple basslines but they fit perfectly.

John Entwistle: Bassist of the century but too flashy for some. He should have been playing bass guitar in some fusion group rather than a rock band.

John Paul John: Managed to put up with the egos in Led Zep. He deserves a medal for that alone.
At least JPJ got a really cool Manson bass:

"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley