So I've never seen this topic in this forum, so I might as well give it a shot.

So my gig bag is falling apart. The straps that turn it into a backpack have been melted off and now I use duct tape as backpack straps. They sometimes break.
Also, there are now many holes in my gig bag. My guitar is exposed to the weather (and damn was it snowing last night!)

So, I'm thinkin, I should buy a new one. What kind should I get??

1). It needs to function as a backpack so I can hang it over both of my shoulders and my guitar is behind me.
2). It needs to have pockets (preferable able to zip up) that I can put my strings, winders, books, pens, weed, picks, tuners, straps, shrooms, etc. in.

I will not accept the answer "dude, get a hard case"
They're too expensive, and I have to carry around too much equipment. I have my guitar on my back, a bag full on pedals in my front torso, mic stand/more pedals in one hand, amp in the other. I can't hold a hard case with my hands, it's impossible.

Roadrunner makes a nice gig bag for $49 on MF
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