With the new one released yesterday I have compared the old and the new versions to give you an idea of how different they sound. If you want a clearer idea of how different they are, then towards the end of the video there is just the guitars playing.

I set both amps to exactly the same settings. The tube screamers are the same too and they are both using the same impulse. There is absolutely no post processing on the guitars.

There isn't a massive difference but you can tell V2 is much warmer sounding and handles the high end section much better. It sounds fuller and warmer overall where as V1 has quite a sharp fizzy attack and seems to lack some high mids or something.

V1 had a much lower gain output than V2 so the only small difference I made was to add a bit more input gain on the TSE 808 on the V1 to balance it out a little.