With my tax return money this year I am paying off a guitar I have on layaway. It is a g & l tribute bluesboy tele. I am thinking about also putting a brand new set of pups in it as well. Now I know that there are many threads out there discussing this topic and I have searched and read all over the internet but I can not seem to decide or decipher all of the technical lingo associated with pickups. I really want something to give me good cleans as well as the ability to handle some crunch. Yes I have been on the Seymour Duncan website many times to listen to samples but the videos seem to show very little to the extent of what certain pups can do. Can you help me? Right now I am looking at the lil 59, the jb Jr, and the hot rails. Any comments or advice? I really would appreciate it!!!
Never gonna give you up...
Does anyonr know anything about single coil sized buckers? I've read a lot about them in various forums and listenend to numerous samples but I don't have any idea if they are any good or practical. Please help.
Never gonna give you up...
My suggestion would be that you try and find a local guitar store that has something approximating what you're after so you can actually get your hands on one and try it for yourself. No matter how many sound clips you listen to, or whatever people tell you, you will not truly know whether they're for you until you've had first hand experience.

Personally, I built a super-strat with 3 IronGear Jailhouse Rails in it and I love it - but I'm a humbuckery kind of guy.