Recently I've tried buying a couple of (used) Digitech HardWire RV-7 pedals, and both have had power-related issues when using the battery. The first one I bought wouldn't power on at all with a battery, so I returned it. The 2nd one, which I bought today, powers on with a battery but has trouble staying powered on. After a short while, it starts turning off and on seemingly randomly. Are these pedals both known for this? Perhaps this is why the owners decided to sell them? I'm planning to try to return the current one I bought to the store I bought it from, and hopefully they'll take it back, considering it was used.. I'd be tempted to find a new one, as I think the spring reverb on this pedal is one of the best I've heard from a pedal, but considering these battery power issues, I'm not sure..
How long are we talking?
I don't know why Digitech even gives you the option of using a battery, these digital reverb pedals just absolutely inhale them. A lot of them will eat a 9V in less than an hour.
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