I'm cutting an explorer studio case out to fit a full size explorer. Ill use all the original components but will need to reglue the liner when I'm done cutting.

What glue/adhesive is safe for a nitro finish?


So you're assuming that some of the glue will leak through and touch the finish, or you're worried about outgassing?

Adhesives, by nature will outgas while going through the curing process.. Silicone adhesive like what is used to replace a windshield outgasses acetic acid gas until it cures, then there is no gas. It's a chemical reaction.. even elmers wood glue will outgas, (well it's more an evaporation of liquid) Look on the label for phrases like "Non Toxic when cured" or something like that and you should be fine...

My personal recommendation would be 3M Spray adhesive for Head Liners in cars... Strong adhesive for bonding fabric, and it withstands heat really well... Let it cure completely before storing your guitar in the case... Should be ok..
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