Havent seen much news of this band around here so would like to introduce "Polar." to UG.

The band have been together quite a few years now, previously known as Comanche Cipher and come from Godalming/Guildford area.

Polar. - Mountain Throne

Polar. - Create

Polar. - Glass Cutter

A few songs of the new Album "Shadowed by Vultures". Loving the sound of the new album, but definitely worth checking our "Iron Lungs" and their first EP "This Polar Noise"

Polar. - Tonight Matthew I Am The Batman (This Polar Noise EP)

Polar. - H.E.L.L.

All on Spotify for those who have it! Enjoy
I should of stopped when I saw this was being release by Drop Dead Clothing.

This is basically the beige of hardcore, the UKHC scene is starting to slip...
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