This is an old song that I posted here some time ago but I made some adjustments to it (some drum and bass line changes, longer solo which is meant to be played with a wah pedal, took out harmonies).

You can also check out the lyrics I made for it here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1634328

Constructive criticism is welcome!
Trail Of Brimstone.gp5
cool song... well-composed and thought-out. a lot of movement, in terms of phrasing/sections. i liked how the chorus contrasted to the verse, harmonically and rhythmically, and how the interludes added a lot of dynamic variety, which kept the song interesting and fresh. great job!
by the way, i stole this riff.
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The verses are kinda boring imho, maybe you could add some leads to it, either synths or more guitars. Or maybe with vocals it will turn out fine!

The chorus is really nice, has a pretty evil vibe which I really like. Good use of power chords and nice drumming.

The first interlude sounds pretty nice, though the empty parts on the 4th bar each time feels a bit lifeless and empty.

The bridge is well done, the build up to the solo with the drumming is really cool.

The acoustic guitar outro is nice, but I feel like the second part of the outro is out-of-place, maybe you could move it earlier and let the song end with the acoustic bits.

Overall good job, so far I've quite liked all your songs, waiting for more

Could you crit Outlandish and/or Bliss?