Hello guys :-) hope you're doing fine. Here I am again with another Andy James guitar cover, I'm honored to say that Andy James himself told me I made the best cover of this interpretation he has seen (I attached an image/picture in this post as evidence of this). Unlike my other covers this one was made with the original backing track so all you'll hear in the video is the recorded signal of my guitar. I really hope you enjoy this one as it took me a lot of time, patience and effort. Also please if you like it, support me by sharing commenting, subscribing and liking. Thanks so much for your attention. Att: SoundSolemn

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this is amazing!
you are deserved to get more views and likes man!
and, just like what andy james said, Keep it up dude
Nice vid, and what a treat to receive such encouraging words from a highly established guitarist in the music community! He's right though, you put the extra work in and I doubt anyone will surpass this cover, you just got all the little things right . Good cover man!
WOW !!
what can i say after andy james bro !!
amazing (Y)
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Cheers \m/ \m/
**** you're such a good guitarist man haha. Goes to show what hard work does
Nice work man! Great tone and the reverb was perfect! Good demonstration of skill and talent
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Is this amazing? Could it be?
This newly posted mp3

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Wow man.

This cover is amazing. The phrasing is awesome -you hit every bend, slide and vibrato perfectly.
The mix is really good too- your lead track cuts through everything and is really nice and clear.
The only criticism I have is that I personally find the guitar tone a bit harsh. I reckon a warmer tone, using the neck pickup, boosted mids and slightly lower treble, might benefit this style of playing. It's all up to personal preference though i guess.

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Dude, I salute you!

I have never seen such a perfect cover of...anything? Thanks a lot for posting it because I will keep on watching it everyday.

You got every pitch harmonic right, all the whammy bars sections are perfect, you have a little bit more 'distorted' tone, but that's fine with me, the relation between backing track and your guitar (mix) is lovely.

I would like to see you performing it live...it would be something


P.S. If interested, I have just posted some of my covers so you can check them out.