I got a new GRG270b.
Deeply impressed with it so far, except for the factory 9's, I struggle to get any attack on the high E and B, I'm usually a 10's guy (LPand tele).

The action on the GIO is unbelievably good (for the price I paid), but I noticed a tiny difference in relief between the bass and treble side, maybe half a mm at most, but its noticable.
I know guitars are sometimes like that and it doesn't cause any issues playing, even with ultra low action there's no fret buzz, so I'm not too worried about it, but I am concerned about switching from 9s to 10s.

Does the thinner RG style neck suit 9s better?
Will putting 10s on make the relief disparity worse?
Also, I've changed from 9s to 10s on other guitars before and never even had to touch the truss rod. I know I'll have to reset the Edge3 bridge a little with 10s, but is it likely a truss rod adjustment will be required?

Thanks for your time!
The neck thickness isn't going to make the guitar any worse for handling 10s. The tension difference is small, and 10 are a standard string size, not exactly huge and any production guitar will be fine with them.

It sounds like you should already have adjusted the truss rod if you're having issues with choking out on the higher strings. So I'd go ahead and do it properly when you switch gauges.

Thanks for the reply.

There's no choking, I guess by "attack" I meant I feel a lack of response from the thinner strings being used to 10s, and I struggle getting a clean sound from them when playing faster.

I guess I'm just worried about swapping really great action for better response and tone, but paying for it with a heavier crappier action.
Just wondering if anyone has similar experience/advice.

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You should be able to get similar action with both sets, they're really not different enough that I'd expect setup issues from one to another. If the 10s are harder to play it will probably be simply because they're bigger strings.
I used to have GRG270B, and I agree it's a nice guitar for the price. I used to go from 9s to 10s on it, and I never had to deal with the truss rod. There also won't be a lot of difference in action, maybe just a minimal adjustment will be needed.
Well its only right to share my experience in case anyone searches for similar.

Blocked the Edge3 trem with a pair of pliers underneath, as I wanted to clean the fretboard while changing the strings.
No problems getting strings off.

Put the new 10s on, and before I'd even gotten close to tuning topitch the Trem was at a nearly 90 degree angle!
Slackened them off and had a look.
I'm assuming it was a factory setup, with Ibanez 9s, I checked the gauge with digital callipers to be sure.
Was a set of standard XL d'addario lights (.10 - .46) that I was putting on.
Ended up putting on the spare spring that came with the guitar, and even then had to screw the spring holding plate in a good half inch before the trem finally settled back into position.

The 10s then felt like a set of 12's!
The high e was a definite improvement over the 9's, but the B was now a heavy unwieldy cable.
(Genuine strings from reputable store, checked serial on website.)

Also I didn't like the look of having 4 springs instead of 3, looked unbalanced to me.
Once it had settled down, the lower strings seemed ok, but the B was rock solid and the G was way too floppy (and yes, I checked with the callipers to make sure I'd not got them the wrong way round, LOL).

Bad strings? Dunno.
But decided the improvement on the high E wasn't worth the bad B and G, so have taken it back to 9s, and removed the spring. She's much happier now.

At least I know, would have bugged me if I hadn't tried 10s, and apart from a hairy "OMG where is this Trem going!?" moment, mostly painless.