I'm about to get started sanding and retolexing this cab of mine. I've been watching many videos on how to retolex a cab and I am very comfortable if I had to retolex an amp head or a normal "square corner style cabinet." I couldn't find any videos of someone cutting the edges on the picture frame style cabinets. I'm guessing it might be the overlap, cut with razor/straight edge, peel excess, and smooth it out like I would do for the seam on the bottom? The back corners I'll be fine doing. Just worried about the front.

If someone has a video or a link it would greatly help out. I've got more than enough tolex to do this 3 times over if SHTF. This is not a main cab of mine and really doesn't get used much at all so I can practice all I want on it.

I'm thinking about cutting small pieces of tolex and fit it on the corner like how they would be when I do the whole thing and practicing on a corner. When I get that right I'll tolex the whole cab. Sounds reasonable?

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