Hey all,

So I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making my own pedals from a kit. I found a great website that has everything I want but it's in the UK... Actually I see a ton of these sites offering products I'd be intersted in but none of them are canadian. They'll all ship to canada but shipping charges and border fees can get pretty gargantuan and unexpected.

I couldn't find any canadian builders through a quick google search but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Do you know any? Specifically I'm looking for a zvex fuzz factory clone and some sort of easy to use compressor.

just in case anyone from the morning crew might have an idea...

BTW has any canadian ordered from pedalparts.co.uk? If so, what did you order and what were the shipping charges like?
I've found tonepad's boards to be fairly good and they're a pretty decent price. They're in some Latin American country, I can't remember where. Postage costs were pretty good, even to here.


Pedalparts have an ebay store.
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I hear the BYOC kits are good! They're sort of the standard for DIY.
They should be a good one to source over in Canada. That or General Guitar Gadgets.

But good to see some love for Poodle's pedal parts over here in the UK!
Built their 'Throb' tremolo' and it sounds really great. But like you said, it IS in the UK, so you might be best with GGG or BYOC.
thanks for the advice, everyone! Finally I bit the bullet and got from the UK site. It's really the zvex sound I was after and they have it...

I'm simply going to choose to forget the conversion rate and when my wife asks how much I paid for it, I'll choose not to mention which currency...