Help!!! My son took his Jackson Rhoads V into a reputable guitar store to have a set of Dave Mustaine Live Wire active pickups installed last year. This year he gives it to me to fix because I can solder better then him. Only problem is I need a wiring diagram to go by. The problem his guitar is having is he gets sound when the 3 way selector switch is in the neck (or third) position. First or second no sound. His guitar has the 2 humbuckers 1 volume 1 tone 1 nine volt battery and the 3 way switch and thats it. 3 wires come out of the pickups red white and bare. If any one can whip up a quick wiring diagram that would be great. thx a million!!!!!
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The Seymour Duncan website has an awesome selection of wiring diagrams for their products. This should suit you, unless you have a blade switch.

Edit: Unless something has come loose and is obvious, it's most likely that the switch contacts have been bent for the bridge position. Pickups generally don't die, and they don't do it spontaneously.