Hi, I've heard about people building their own miniature amps and was wondering if anybody had experience with this kind of thing, I would love to be able to make something that will fit in my pocket and I would plug my guitar and headphones into (no speakers necessary) for when I'm practicing at night or during a road trip and don't want to get the big amp. I had one of those little vox amps that plugs directly into your guitar but those things are really in the way, break easily, and won't plug into some guitars because it has the male jack built in. If anyone has experience with this kind of thing and has any advice for this little diy project I'd really appreciate it .
Well if it were me and I had the money I'd just buy one of those Vox headphone amps and rehouse it. Replace the male plug with a female jack, replace the tiny board-mount pots with real panel-mount pots, etc. I've heard that some of those little Vox amps are pretty good and it'd be pretty easy to rehouse one, plus they are already designed around a specific tone (guitars don't sound good at all when played through "hi-fi" type circuits).

You could also build something like this:

Red has several headphone amps (but they are hi-fi types meant for music listening, not guitars) and schematics of others can be found all over the place.
I actually still have the vox amp (minus the stupid plug that broke off), okay I'll try to look around for some tutorials and rehouse the thing. Thanks, I didn't think of that
I don't have personal experience with it but if you post some good pics I can probably tell you how to rehouse it. It can't be that difficult. Like I said, just replace the pots and plug and that's about it, barring any unforeseen issue.
Keep us updated, I want to see how this goes.
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