Hey guys, my name is Dev Fuld, and as the title of this thread would suggest, I am, for all intensive purposes...a one man band. This was never my intention, haha. Unfortunately, I've always had visions and saw a direction I want my music to go in, but could never get together with the right people. So, I did it myself.
Below I will be posting the link to my soundcloud. I would very much appreciate it if you could check it out, and give me your thoughts and opinions.
My sound has been described along the lines of, but not limited to, The Beatles, John Lennon, The Dirty Heads, and Maroon 5. My solo work, such as this, is more acoustic oriented. But it's honest and true. It's not me trying to fit into a genre or find my niche.
I play what I hear in my head. I don't sit down and force the music out. I wait. Until I can tune into whatever higher power sends me the melodies and lyrics. And then I tap into it and try and hear it all and get it all down before it's gone.
So enjoy, and be ready for some honest tracks.

3 Tracks
~Keep it Sleazy