Hey guys,

I LOVE fuzz and I'm looking into buying a fuzz face. The only problem being, there are sooooo many and I have no idea which to get. I don't really know the differences between them, but I know I'm going for serious vintage fuzz tones (Clapton, Hendrix, Johnson). I'd be willing to go vintage, but only if you guys can really think it's worth it. I was aiming to spend $200 or less, but I'll go up to $500-$600 if it's REALLY necessary but it'd take a bit of convincing to get that high. Thanks you guys!! I really appreciate it!!

I think guitarist magazine had a nice demo with fuzz faces in it on youtube.

Anyway, I'd go for some germanium fuzz face.
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I just recently got my hand on a Wampler Red Velvet.

So far, my favorite fuzz ever. It gets from the really spongy and soft sounding fuzz to the nasally sounding fizz of something like the muff.
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Fuzz factorys are the best thing ever, seriously, they do like everything from weird noises to subtle distortionz
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That new Mini Fuzz Face looks really cool, have you seen that?
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Roger Mayer Axis/Classic Fuzz

This, if your budget agrees. Otherwise dallas arbiter reissues are relatively inexpensive and sound the best for tones you are going for, IMO. I personally dislike the mini's, purely on aesthetics, but if you plan on putting it on a board then get a mini.