I can give you the chords used in the song... I am polish, but I can't speak the language... Since I am from the USA and never learned it.... So would just the chords help... Or do you need to know exactly where they go over the lyrics which I have stated I don't know or understand... If just the chords will help let me know ok... Usually I like to do the entire song tabbed out but with the language barrier I can not...
Just the chords would be fine. I can figure out the timing on my own. The actual chords used in the recording right? I'm actually trying to tab out the whole song (both guitars) - the lead is easy to figure out but the chords are harder. Thanks!
With a capo n the 1st fret the chords mainly used are:


Starts out with
F, Bb...
Then uses
F, Bb, C
then at another part
F, Bb, G, C
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Thanks but does it sound more like they are using only the first 3 strings? Like in ska songs where they just upstroke the first 3 or 4 strings instead of strumming the whole chord. And usually they're not the standard chords, I think, maybe I'm wrong.
Could be... When I put chords down I rarely hit all 6 strings anyway... And to me the guitar may be tuned down like a half step....