Well, 1st of all - i want to say 'Hi', cuz I'm new here

and 2nd - more important thing..
I'd like to share 2 of my song with you guys, and i'm hoping for some honest opinions..
I am total amateur, and I recorded/programmed/mixed it all alone, so quality isn't that good.



You have some great ideas going on here. The first one was more interesting than the second one. The drums sound a little boring and I don't hear the bass moving around much, but you have a pretty good guitar sound, which surprises me coming from a POD.

Your quality is quite good actually, especially for a beginner. Good job man. Would love to hear some vocals on this and some instrumentation on the other non-guitar instruments.

C4C? Bound and Loved
First link:
Very ominous vibe. It kind of crawls up on you. The drums could be a bit more interesting; they don't seem to move around very much. The track itself is clipping here and there during the loud parts (chorus?). Liking that solo near the end, but it needs some spicing up. You tend to stick to around the same area on the fretboard for said solo (if not most of the song). Cool dark chorus melody. The bass wasn't very interesting, but if you were just going for a booming low-end sound to hold up the other instruments, you did an alright job.

Second link:
First thing I noticed is the structure. It's almost completely similar to the first link. Same concept/sound too. The kicks don't suit the track. They sound empty with no bass-end backing them whatsoever. The bass wasn't very noticeable to me; it needs more flare and presence in the track. I like the energy throughout. Good heavy guitar tone. Reminds me of some White Zombie in a way.