Background: I am fluent in another instrument and took 2 years of classical guitar lessons some years back.

I just spent some time browsing at the music store for classical method books. I saw some basic Hal Leonard and Mel Bay books, but they seemed very limited.

All these books seemed to cover only the most basic position where you play open E with the thumb and just use the very top of the fret board. This sticks mostly to C major and A-minor and first position and you never venture beyond that.

My goal is to be able to learn the entire fret board and learn all the different positions and all the scales and chords, and to be able to play real sheet music in all keys.

Right now I feel like a pianist who can only play the white keys from C to C.

Is there a book that will take me where I want to go, a complete method book or at least something that gets very intermediate?
The guitar method by Julio Sagreras is very good and starts very simple but gets more advanced. Many of the exercises are very musical and are both fun and technically beneficial to play.

Segovia has a book of scale positions you could use. As far as chords go, you'd probably be better off understanding how intervals work and exploring ways to construct chords across the fretboard. Another thing that works is analyzing pieces you already know/learn to figure out what chord voicings are being used.