Hi there, I just recently bought a JVM 410H and a 1936 lead cab and am trying to figure out a pedal setup.

I have used solid state combo amps up to this point so i was able to achieve the sound i wanted through the digital presets, and thus I am uneducated on how to get the sound I want.

I enjoy playing stuff from AC/DC, Metallica, Iron maiden and the such

I was wondering what the difference between a distortion pedal and a overdrive pedal really is, which one is better for a great metal sound, and also any other tips or knowledge on pedals you could give me to help me out with my awesome new tube amp

thank you in advance
Generally, if you have the gain at 0 an overdrive can be used as a plain boost. A distortion pedal will add gain regardless of the settings. Imo, thats the best way to describe the difference.
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Quote by Joey00115
I was wondering what the difference between a distortion pedal and a overdrive pedal really is, which one is better for a great metal sound, and also any other tips or knowledge on pedals you could give me to help me out with my awesome new tube amp

i am not being a smartass here: there is no ruling body to declare the difference between distortion pedal and an OD pedal. there is just no real agreed/ruled upon characteristic that defines one from another.

people who claim an absolute/universal definition are generally just picking an arbitrary attribute and placing emphasis on that feature as being a defining characteristic. there is a huge gray undefined area between OD's and distortions.

i say this because there has been needless heated debates between people arguing about what makes an OD different from a distortion pedal [different from a fuzz, etc]

but speaking in the most general of terms distortion pedals are mostly considered to provide more gain/distortion than OD's.

also very generally (no hard rules here) people tend to use distortion pedals to get a heavier/metal type of sound, but OD pedals can also be used to great effect in metal by running a dirty amp and and using an OD to push the preamp a bit harder.

you could run a distortion style pedal like a ratt proco for a great metal tone.

you could run an OD style pedal like a tubescreamer with the volume up real high and the gain down real low into your dirty amp for a great metal tone.

since you already have a pretty hot multi-channel marshall i'd probably recommend you getting and OD style effect to drive your preamp a bit harder if you wanted. though from clips i have heard i'd doubt you'd even really need it, that amp doesn't seem to break a sweat doing metal.
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I use an OD when the amp is crunchy to make it crunchy hard rock. Or use it with the amp clean to make a pushed not clean/but not fully crunchy noise.

I use a distortion pedal on clean to give me a different sounding distortion than my amp distortion because I sometimes tire of the same distortion song after song after song after song. This way I can cop Marshall tones on non marshall amps and Mesa tones on non mesa amps.
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get a boss sd1

gain low, level high, tone around 2 o'clock. use that to boost the od channel.

for the amp, set everything at 12 o'clock (apart from the volume control) and work from there. that should give you a reasonable midpoint to start tweaking from.
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I'd use an OD in front of a saturated preamp and play with my guitar's volume and the pedal itself. I also find useful and fun to stack different OD/Fuzz pedals to get different flavors, even mixing them with the amps clipping. With a couple of pedals and a proper use of the guitar's volume control there are a lot of possibilities.

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