Meant to do this 2 weeks ago, but got sidetracked by pchem and pneumonia.

So I saw 'The Last Lecture' and thought about my childhood dreams. One of them was to have a custom guitar--specifically a green one. Well, green comes in many shades, and they were either rare or expensive. I really liked the Fender Vintage Hot Rod '62 strat in Sherwood Green Metallic, but that was out of my league. Plus, it's discontinued now. But this one was just right.

Looks: It has the shade of green I want, and was affordable. I bought it on the 'bay and lucked out. It's strung with 9's (I use 10's), so I can't say too much about how it feels just yet. It feels like a typical strat should--and more compact, too. The body has some dings and one white streak near the pickguard, but I think it's cool. Its neck feels like a flatter version of my black Squier strat. The previous owner said it had more of a wide feel, but I don't pick up any width--just flatness.

Sound: The tremolo is horrible; it completely detunes my guitar (why?). It has the twang and quackiness I expect from strats, but not the fullness of an American or Mexican model. And that's okay with me. I'll go through the pickups by position and the songs I'd play on them.

Neck- dark and thick. "100 Years Ago" - Rolling Stones

Neck + Mid - quacky and dark. Not ideal for chords. "Old Flame" - Thin Lizzy

Mid (favorite) - balanced; you hear all the strings. "Time Waits for No One" - Rolling Stones

Bridge + Mid - adds darkness, thickness and extra twang . "She's Fresh" - Kool and the Gang

Bridge - surprisingly not ice-picky! "Love and Happiness" - Al Greene

Overall: I'm glad I bought this guitar. It's a modding platform, so I'm on the first step to accomplishing a childhood dream!
Realizing a childhood dream? Priceless!

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Nice Strat!
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