Ok last thread asking for amp opinions I promise

My buddy scrapped the Marshall SLX idea because it didn't have 2 channels... That just left me with SLX GAS.

Now he is set on meeting someone tomorrow for a Mesa Rectoverb 50 watt head. What's the consensus on this? What can it do BESIDES recto heavy distortion. I'm only familiar with Marshalls and a Mesa F100 I had a few years back.

Can it do a 70s/80s rock tone? Can it get crunchy? Any versatility in these amps? The heaviest he goes is Alice In Chains/Tool type stuff.

It would be in mint shape for about 500 bones.

This isn't the exact amp but its the same model.
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ask 311 he just picked one up in the last few weeks. he is a good guy. good sounding at a good price point. no reason not to pick up.

however, it doesn't have a tube rectifier. the dual has selectable diode or tube rectification. i really like the tube, i dig the sag that is why i wanted a tremoverb, which is a slightly tweaked dual rec. IMO that is one of the changes between the single and dual.
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It wouldn't be as nice as something a little more vintage voiced for classic rock stuff, but it can cop those tones pretty well still. It does them really well, it just wouldn't be my first recommendation.

Either way, it'll serve him just fine, and if the price is right
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Like has already been said, I would not think of this amp first when going for 70s/80s rock, but it can still do them very well. I am not as well versed on the many variants of the rectifier family but I recently bought this head and love it. It does not have the same sound as a dual, but I like what it does by itself. Great amp in my opinion, especially if the price is right.
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In my experience, the Single Rec is a completely different animal than its bigger brothers. Way more dialed back and crunchy, not really the Rec sound at all. It should be great for what you want.
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I just got a Rectoverb 50. Love it. I recommend it. I also agree with the others here on everything they have said. There may be better options out there but it is a damn fine amp, built like a tank, and much much more versatile than I would have guessed. The clean channel does not stay clean very long but you can coax some very nice cleans out of it. My reverb doesn't work but I don't use it.

Here is my NAD with a clip in it but there are far better clips out there on the net demo'ing this amp.