I am lookign for a new electro-acoustic guitar, its somethign that I want to purchase becasue I have a played a few of my friends guitars and they generally sound pretty nice, and some even better with the amp. I have three guitars currently (Stagg: SJ703SD, Elevation: Stratocaster, Gibbo: Les Paul - Standard) And have played guitar for approximately 4 years now. Somethign within a prce range of £100-£200 would be great, a litte more or less im not worried about, and maybe a good pedal that would go with the guitar nicely.

I'm going to pass ringing in on this, as I see you calculate price in Euros. My keyboard doesn't even have that symbol. The US to European price, along with the monetary conversion rates, instrument availability are a bit confusing.

At any rate, there are members here from your neck of the woods, be patient.
not sure you're going to get the sound quality you want by buying another entry level guitar.
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Go out and try as many as you can in your price range. Or see if you can get the friends model you liked on the used market.