Hello ,

I've got a broken 25K pot which needs changing. The problem is that my pickups are EMGs ( so are the pots ) , and I don't have an EMG dealer in my country to buy a matching pot .
Since I don't think I'll be buying anything soon from Thomann , I don't really want to buy an 11 Euro pot and pay 20 Euro for transportation .

So my questions to you are : Is there a problem if I use a pot from a different brand ?
- Is there anything I should be looking for in a pot to match my EMG ( 81 active pickup ) - ?
- Is there a problem if I use a different pot for a pickup and keep my EMG pot for the other pickup ?
- Any recommendations ( at the local guitar shop they have Fender , Seymour Duncan and JHS (?) pots?

Thank you for your time
Provided the pot is of the same value, the same type (linear or logarithmic) and is the same physical size, you can use just about anything.

What was the pot controlling? Generally, tone pots are logarithmic while volumes are linear.
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Volume pot ... When I checked for the EMG pots , the description says that they are Active pots...so do I need to look for pots for active pickups ?
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I'm pretty sure you just need the 25K resistance value, and a linear pot, if you can find it. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding it, though I'm not in Europe, so I can't speak for availability. Local shops that carry parts should have them. As long as it's not the new quick disconnect system. I don't know how well soldering would work on those.
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Any 25K pot will work. Ebay is full of cheap replacements though if they are any good is a suspect. But as quick fix one will do.

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