On all strings before 12th fret it has about 5 seconds of natural sustain

past the 12th i only get 2 seconds on all frets on all strings

what should i do
Set up your guitar correctly.
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Set up your guitar correctly.

thanks great informative post
It depends on the guitar and the amp as much as it does on your fingers. Les Pauls have great sustain, give one a try next time you visit a music store and see if you can do it.
Check your intonation and lower your pickups, the magnets have an effect on how the strings vibrate, you'll also get more bass frequencies as a bonus.
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What Lord Waltaa meant by "set up your guitar correctly" is probably that you need to check your intonation, check this web page out, it has all the info you need http://www.wikihow.com/Set-Your-Guitar's-Intonation

Probably more just an action issue than intonation. If the strings are too high at the bridge end, then you'll need to push down ridiculously hard to get any relevant sustain time. But then in doing that, the pushing down will bend the note sharp anyway.
So TS, take a ruler and measure the distance between the top of the fret wire and the string at the 12th fret. It should be a little under 2mm for the thickest string and a little under 1.5mm for the thinnest. Any lower and you'll get buzz.

On the topic of general setting up though (which Waltaa was not incorrect to say - it's a broad subject) you'd want to check your neck relief and nut height too. If it's a badly set up or made guitar, then you'll have no end to your problems just by solving one at a time.

This is a pretty good guide to basic setup. If none of that works, just use vibrato for sustain.
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