What ho, ive recently invested in a 2005 Marshall JCM 2000 DLS 50.

When i switch it on (but leave it in standby mode) there is a hum coming from the head (not through the speakers on my cab). Its not loud per se but it is noticable.

If i place my hand on the head there is a slight vibration there too. If i look in the back the tubes are also glowing. Its not something im THAT worried about but was just wondering if that sort of thing is fairly normal with a fairly large amp. This the first amp ive owned of this size. Never noticed it on my HT-5c but then again that is a lot smaller

Normal? Or take it to a tech?
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The HT-5c isn't supposed to have tubes that glow that much, so that's normal.
The humming coming from the vibration isn't normal at all anyway.

Not sure what that's caused by but somebody here (cath) can probably help you, wait some other response before taking' it to a technician.
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Maybe vibration is the wrong word. You can just "feel" the hum when you put your hand on the head, if that makes sense.
Its probably nothing. Most high wattage tube amps have a quiet hum in standby
Not sure if it's comparable, but I had a G-DEC30 which had a hum and tiny vibration. After opening it up I found it was a transformer that was humming and vibrating a tiny amount. Not knowing that much about such things back then I wedged it with a piece of card between it and the case and it cut it down a bit but didn't cure it.

Knowing a little more now I wouldn't recommend a piece of card wedge.
What kind of a hum? My tubes kind of "scream" with the volume turned up, but then again they are older tubes so I'm not too surprised.