I've had my heart set on a Peavey JSX 212 but have had no luck finding one in my location. I wanted one because I want to be able to play Metal but I also want something that is well rounded.

I've found a used MESA boogie express 5/50 used for $700CAD a few hours away is that a good deal and how does it compare to the JSX??

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I always thought the Express amps were pretty underwhelming and lifeless, especially for metal. Especially for what they cost.

I'd pass
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Express 5/50 does Classic Rock but not convincing Metal. A Mesa Mini Rect. does Metal great but of course... more $$$.
Yeah, I too played a 5:25 expecting some rectifier's tone, but it's actually a lot more suited for blues and classic rock.
I think I could have bluesed nicely with it, but the bad quality 7 strings I had in my hands expecting to chug damn tight riffages out of that mofo kinda tamed my blues spirit.
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Ok thank you guys I guess the MESA is out just gonna have to wait to find my JSX
Jackson DK2
1962 Fender Esquire
PEAVEY 6505+ 112