Any 70s rock fan worth his roller skates must have given a long bong-packed spin to Desolation BLVD at some point. Such an incredibly influential and talented band!
"Sweet F.A." is musically awesome, and "Set Me Free" might just be the fastest rock song pre-1975. Seriously name a fast cut! Vince Neil did a nasty cover of this with Steve Stevens in 1993. I think there's two versions of the album but I only have the American one.

I think I prefer Give Us A Wink, just for the heavier ahead-of-its-time heavy metal songs like "Cockroach" and "The Lies in Your Eyes". The way the record sleeve pulls out of the slip is really cool too.

Then you've got songs that just stick to your shoe like "Little Willy", "Blockbuster", man this band was awesome!

....until "Off the Record". Then they lose me.