Hey, I have a Charvel Ds-2 Electric guitar.


It has an unfinished (No oil) neck.

Pic: http://guitarcenter.lithium.com/legacyfs/online/16774_DS1_neckheel.JPG

Over the few months Ive had it Ive probably put a lot of sweat and dirt into it and I want to restore it back to its smooth feel, the build up is effecting the playability a bit now.

Do I use a product? Or Is sandpapering it down an option? How do I go about removing this layer of build up? Cheers
Not having anything protect the neck from moisture can be very damaging, hopefully your guitar does have something to mitigate that.

Just wipe it down with a clean cloth. If there is literally nothing protecting the wood from moisture damage, do not use any detergent of any kind and get something to protect the neck.
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The specs say it's oiled. I know Music Man and Carvin advertise that they use Tung Oil on their maple neck guitars. Typically I thought Mahogany was too porous to have anything other than nitro or poly paint applied but this seems to break the mold.

That neck will probably need to be cleaned and oiled periodically like a rosewood fretboard does. I'm don't know if cleaners / oils made for the fretboard would be safe or work for the whole neck but that's the only thing that comes to mind.
It's a Chinese import Charvel that's made in the Kaman factory. Nothing leaves that place without something on it because it does have to be imported. That, and everything in that factory, Hamer and Epiphone included, are assembly lined.

That guitar does have an oil finish to seal the back of the neck. Charvel has used unfinished necks before on production models, but only bolt-on maple necks for USA instruments.
Honestly, warm water and a clean cloth would be more than fine.
Is it Oiled? It really doesnt feel oiled. The Specs say its oiled but only since they've redesigned it for 2014, I have the older model. @Justrooster I thought just water would be bad for the neck? So Should I use an oil? Like a lemon oil? Thanks for the help thus far