This is a public service announcement, this is not a test.


If you've heard of cat island, check out the even-more-adorable Rabbit Island of Okunoshima, Japan.

For 16 years, Japan's Imperial Army used the island to produce kilotons of deadly mustard gas. The island was selected for its remoteness and in case there was an accident, major cities like Tokyo would be spared from disaster. As with the ugliness of war, Japanese researchers brought rabbits to the island as test subjects for the poison, according to Amusing Planet.

After the Empire of The Rising Sun was defeated by the Allies at the end of World War II, the facility was shut down and the bunnies were released back into the wild, while the Los Angeles Times suggests it was a group of school children who released eight test bunnies into the predator-free wild where they've multiplied to over 300 long-eared little critters.

Today, "Rabbit Island's" 700,000 square-meter estate is home to a golf course, beaches, parks and even a resort hotel, notes Jaunted.com, despite the island's grim military past. As for the rabbits, they're technically wild but years of captivity have made them used to the presence of humans, so much that they'll even hop onto your lap in hopes of carrots, cabbage or rabbit feed which travellers can buy at the island's resort hotel, Mother Nature Network reports. (You can watch the video above to see it in action.)

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/07/29/rabbit-island-japan-photos-_n_3671160.html

Remember everybody, don't try to use bunnies to test poison cuz they'll multiply, **** you up, and take over your island.

For discussion: Idk post bunny pics or smth you figure it out

Edit: Ooh I know talk about how strange Japan is
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