So apparently FEMA uses Waffle House as a way to determine the severity of dangerous weather. Waffle House is famous for staying open through even the most severe weather. All stoves inside the restaurant are partially gas powered so if the power goes out they can still be run. They also have a "No Power Menu" with items that can be prepared without the power running.

FEMA has said that if a Waffle House is closed then you know the weather has to be terrible.

The Index has three levels, based on the extent of operations and service at the restaurant following a storm:

Green: the restaurant is serving a full menu, indicating the restaurant has power and damage is limited.

Yellow: the restaurant is serving a limited menu, indicating there may be no power or only power from a generator or food supplies may be low.

Red: the restaurant is closed, indicating severe damage.

In 2011 when an EF5 Tornado hit Joplin, Missouri both Waffle Houses in Joplin were still open. So an EF5 Tornado was only a yellow on the Waffle House Index. That shows just how severe a red Waffle House Rating is.

The Index
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I'm so glad I don't work there anymore. I still have nightmares about that job.

I really miss the food though...
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I'm so glad I don't work there anymore. I still have nightmares about that job.

I really miss the food though...

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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

shit restaurant
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A wafflehouse just opened down the street from me three months ago. It already looks like its been open for years in a place that gets frequent severe storms, or is located in the hood.
waffle house is really good place to eat shitty food at.
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I thought this was going to be something totally different. Like determining a person's quality of life index based on the frequency of eating at Waffle House.

During our freaky Atlanta snowstorm, I waited out the storm and traffic at a Waffle House. It was great. I had two waffles, hash-browns all the way, a cup of coffee, and a glass of OJ.

I did not regret my decision.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
If you want to buy drugs go to Waffle House.
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I heard that if you are reading a book at a Waffle House; people will question "what y'all readin for?".