Just picked up an Ibanez RGA7 for 280, used. It's a 2010 model, meaning it doesn't have the added cutouts. This guitar looks mint, literally as if I picked it up from guitar center. The finish is gloss black with a cream colored binding, it's not exactly stunning but it's an even black finish, there are no runs or major imperfections. The Gibraltar bridge is nice and solid, the tuning keys are pretty good, it stays on tune surprisingly well. I don't know what material the nut is made of. The EQ switch apparently cuts mids, it really just muds everything up, I'll probably replace it a tone knob when I replace the pickups. Speaking of pickups, they aren't good. I don't think they're as bad as some people make them out to be, but if I were a gigging musician I certainly wouldn't play live with these, they just lack dynamics, they sound very cold and they aren't bright by any means. I'll end up throwing in a set of Blackouts! Overall this guitar went beyond my expectations, it plays well, it's smooth and the arch top is just sexy
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That's in great shape! Good score. HNGD!
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very nice.
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sweet axe.... Happy NGD for sure.
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Pickups always improve the Ibanez's. Especially if those are stock pickups.

Don't give up on her yet. The stock pickups stink. I have a couple RG's, and the V7/8 were "ok", but didn't really realize how bad they were until I replaced them.

These have Mahogany bodies, so it's not crappy basswood. The tone is going to be there, it just needs help.
I don't know why, but it looks extremely evil. Seems the kind of guitar that Darth Vader would probably play.

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I miss mine...

New set of pickups will deffo bring that guitar properly to life
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HNGD very nice!
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