I bought a 3/4 size electric guitar for my kid, made by Daisy. I got it used. Anyway, I went to go tune it and it seems impossible to tune to standard, like the low E will be either way to slack to the point it won' even made a clear note or, if I try to tighten it up and octave, it becomes TOO tight to the point I think the thinner strings will break and, even if they don't, bends become impossible and it's sure to cause bleeding fingers.

It seems like the "sweet spot" for tuning it so that the strings are not too tight or too loose would be about halfway between the two E's, like I could tune it exactly 5-7 semitones away from E (e.g., A - D - G - C - E - A). But I've been googling on 3/4 electric guitars and I'm not finding anything telling me that they are supposed to be tuned in such an odd fashion.

I'm wondering if the strings are wrong for it? Are there special strings I need for a 3/4 electric guitar to allow it to be tuned in standard tuning? Anyone know anything about this?


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3/4 sized guitars can be a pain to tune, and can be impossible to intonate.

yes, sometimes alternate tunings are suggested.

but i've had luck tuning when using the factory suggested string gauge for that model.

if too slack, then a higher gauge will be needed.

Also, if needed compensating the nut will work.
and can be an easy DIY.

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I use a Dunlop 13-56 set (with wound 3rd string) for standard tuning on my 3/4 guitar. They still bend easily at that scale. I tried sets of 10/11/12, but found that the tuning was too unstable.